Hello world! Why “adventure42”?

So…why adventure42? 

Well, first of all, we are on an ADVENTURE!  We don’t really know where we’re going or how we’re going to get there or what we’ll do once we arrive…so it is unfolding before us and that’s an exciting adventure.

Now, as to the 42… I checked out how long we’d be gone in days, weeks and months (if we really make it traveling until the end of September) and it turned out to be 9 months and 23 days or 297 days or 42 weeks. 

Now, being a big fan of Douglas Adam’s  Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy  series, I knew that 42 was the answer to the Ultimate Question of “Life, the Universe and Everything.” 

This really got me excited because I realized that THIS would be a great theme for the trip… life, the universe and everything! 

I’ll be including in my blog posts the lessons I learn along the way. 

I hope you enjoy our journey as much as we will.  I am glad you can join us on our trip without the headache of packing up your house or the sadness of letting a beloved pet go or the challenge of adjusting to life in a 20 foot motorhome.

Welcome!  I am glad you’re here.


About Ayurvedic Approach

We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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2 Responses to Hello world! Why “adventure42”?

  1. Emma Calkins says:

    Absolutely LOVE the Hitchhiker’s reference 🙂

  2. Wayne says:

    I’m sure you brought along the most important thing on any trip, a towel.

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