Fantasy of Lights

While driving from Jerry’s to Corralitos (just north of Watsonville) the Christmas lights at Vasona Lake Park captured our attention.  This is the park in Los Gatos where I learned (and quickly forgot) how to sail.  On this night, though, the attraction was the Christmas lights.  I am a sucker for Christmas lights.  I can remember driving around many times looking for the ultimate displays.  I was enamored with tacky displays, the more lights and Christmas debris, the better.  Santa feet protruding from the chimney?  Excellent.  Reindeer poop on the lawn?   Great!  Trains, toy soldiers, ballerinas, bears…animatronics…you name it, the less it all went together, the better I liked it.  Needless to say, they had me at “fantasy”.

“The Fantasy of Lights” is a corporate sponsored holiday event with OUTRAGEOUS displays of lights.  They are animated light shows, such as the elf shooting snowflakes from a snow blower and building a snowman, sledding penguins on an igloo and the dancing toothbrush to name just a few.   We were ushered in one end and shuttled out the other and my inner child loved it!  They even had Christmas tunes playing on the radio so we could be in the mood both auditorially and visually.

Here are some pics to share our Christmas light experience with you.  The downside for me has been that all the wonderful, tacky displays on people’s lawns have lost their luster.  I have gorged on over the top Christmas displays and sated myself.  Until next year…

Lesson learned:  Save the Best for Last.  It raises the bar too high for all the rest. 

We made it that night to my mom’s empty mobile home where we camped for the night.  The next day it was on to New Brighton Beach! The Dolphin and Christmas Lights/driver's sideDolphin and the lights/passenger's sideJust missed the penguin diving into the water.debonair dancing toothbrush


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2 Responses to Fantasy of Lights

  1. Sandy says:

    Love Mr. Tooth!

  2. Wayne says:

    come try Livermore and Pleasanton next year if you are back by then. Bob’s world and Deacon Dave’s are pretty impressive.

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