Anza Borrego State Park

Saturday, December 18:  Not much to write about today. 

Today was a sad day for Keegan with no trip to Legoland.  Everything we did (which wasn’t much) paled by comparison.  We drove from Carlsbad (where Legoland is) to Anza Borrego State Park (where Legoland isn’t) and found a place to camp for the night.  This is in the desert in Southern California.  It is one of those places where you can pull off onto a dirt road and just camp for the night.  No park rangers or site numbers.  No bathrooms or quarter for two minute showers.  Just you and nature.  That is what we are doing…

camping all alone in the middle of the desert.  The sky is overcast or we would probably have an AMAZING view of stars.  As it is, we have an amazing view of clouds backlit by a nearly full moon.  If I thought it was quiet at our house, it is only because I had not yet spent a night at Anza-Borrego State Park. It is so quiet here… no cars, no other campers, no animals…they are here somewhere, but they are QUIET.  It is a peaceful quiet, not an eerie quiet; but it makes Keegan nervous.  I realize that he has never experienced solitude.  He does not crave it.  He so badly wants a playmate, a close encounter of the friend kind.

On the plus side, we are in the desert and Keegan loves cacti.  He wants to see all the varieties that are here and to find out their names.  In the morning we will photograph them and when we can get online or to a library, we will look up their names.  He has smoothed a pad in the sand near the camper so we can check for animal tracks in the morning.  We found a cactus skeleton and filled it with glow sticks for our desert nightlight.

Tomorrow we head into La Quinta (near Palm Desert) to visit some of Michael’s good friends who live there.  We will camp in their driveway and visit a Desert Animals Park near there.
Lesson for today from life, the universe and everything:  Sometimes things don’t work out the way we want them to, that doesn’t mean that what does work out is any less perfect.  We just may have to set aside our unhappiness of unmet expectation to appreciate what we have.


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We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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2 Responses to Anza Borrego State Park

  1. hila says:

    I loved that Keegan loved the cacti! They are such wonderful companions for desert solitude. You wrote about the quiet in the desert not being eerie but one of solitude… this is one of the things I find so dear to my heart about that ancient land. Love to you and KT. 😉

  2. hila says:

    and the stars…. I KNOW! Shea says there so many stars here in GV to see, and yes it is very pretty, but once you’ve seem a desert night sky, you know what AMAZING can look like. Ah….. give that land a big embrace from me.

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