The Salton Sea

We stopped at Salton Sea on our drive from Anza Borrego State Park to La Quinta. This was a BIG disappointment. It turns out that Salton Sea was created when waters cascaded into this spot (240 feet below sea level) about 200 years ago. Because of toxic runoff from the local agriculture and continued mineral run off from the mountains, it has become an inhospitable environment for the animals (and people) who called this home. In the 50’s it was marked for development as a desert oasis and a marina; housing developments were planned and built. This never succeeded and the area is a blighted community. Trailers both lived in and abandoned dot the landscape and the shores of the sea are populated with the carcasses of fish that could no longer live in the seas ever increasing salinity. It is currently about 3x the salinity of the ocean. There are no plants and the smell of rot hangs in the air. So, rather than eating our lunch on the shores of the pristine Salton Sea of my imagination, we beat a path out of there and back to the highway.
La Quinta was so beautiful in comparison. The streets are groomed and well maintained; not a single piece of litter could be found on the drive in; not to mention no dead fish. We enjoyed the afternoon and evening with our friends Ed and Sallie. Their daughter, Kristin, took Keegan under her wing for the majority of our time there. What a welcome break for him from the usual routines of life with Mom & Dad. I will admit that it was good for me, too. Ed and Sallie are old friends of MB and we enjoyed catching up with them.
Lesson from Life, the Universe and Everything: It is never too little when you do something to improve your surroundings. The smallest act can lead to a series of other small acts that have great effect.


About Ayurvedic Approach

We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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One Response to The Salton Sea

  1. Wayne says:

    Peggy use to vacation @ the Salton Sea as a kid. We saw a documentary on it a couple of years ago. The best laid plans……
    Hope you don’t mind my poking my nose in, it’s fun to follow your adventure

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