F-f-f-freezing in Snowy Arizona

Today we had a surprise when we were stranded in a campground in Arizona because of a snowstorm! We had finally escaped Las Vegas (losing money without gambling a dime) and were heading to the Grand Canyon when we got word of a winter storm that was coming in. We heard there was a campground near Peach Springs on historic route 66 and made it to the campground by about 6pm on Wednesday. It was already pitch dark and beginning to snow. We woke up to snow on the ground and more on the horizon…we hunkered down for what I can only describe as the coldest surprise of the trip. We did not expect to be this cold nor to be snowed in and certainly not to have that happen in ARIZONA! Our idyllic view of experiencing warmer weather than we left behind is now a quaint, naïve notion. Keegan enjoyed a brief stint outside, tossing snowballs at the motor home, making snow cream with his dad and freezing his water bottle into an ice bottle. We pulled out our indoor activities…The lego gadget book was the hit of the day and reading Gulliver’s Travels~ out of Lilliput and into Brobdingnag!

Some pics of our snow day and a change of plans to head south, much further south ahead of schedule…

Update: we are now safely ensconced in a hotel for the night with heat and hot water! Woo-hoo!


About Ayurvedic Approach

We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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