Quartzsite, Arizona…The Biggest Swap Meet in the US

In the spirit of “Get me out of this cold weather!” we headed south to Quartzsite, Arizona.  This is one of the last places that any of us had been before that we will hit on this leg of the trip.  None of us have taken this southerly route to Florida before.  MB had been here 12-15 years ago and had fond memories of traveling here.  The place has changed.  Quartzsite is home to almost one million “snow-birds” between January and March and, true to it’s slogan, is one big Swap Meet.  That was fun for a day or two, but didn’t hold our interest for long.

We were able to camp in the desert on public land and we are really appreciating the ease of moving around in this small motor home.  We were able to drive into town, park in just about any space, and step out to the Dolphin for lunch or snack or to pick up that extra jacket or camera or ….

MB bought Keegan a slingshot and he had a blast shooting rocks and perfecting his aim.  He likes to put it in his back pocket and ask me “Who am I?” (Dennis the Menace, of course).  He is working on and perfecting his mimicry and comic routines.  And his aim.  That cereal box never saw him coming.

This was the first place we saw the awesome saguaro cactus.  Plenty more of these in the days to come.


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We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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One Response to Quartzsite, Arizona…The Biggest Swap Meet in the US

  1. Sharon Miller says:

    Oh I laughed out loud at the Dennis the Menace comment. What a wonderful story.
    I am so enjoying following your adventures. I am sure that while you are having an experience of a lifetime, that you can’t imagine people sitting here in Grass Valley missing you and wondering what you are up to. But alas, it’s true. Your writings are wonderful and I feel like I am having a vacation/adventure without leaving my home.

    I got a phone call from Eleanor in Sydney, Australia and basically what I got from her response about your staying there in exchange for some house repairs was that she didn’t make an overture that you could stay there but she did tell me to tell you to contact her when you get to Sydney. I was hoping she would welcome you with open arms but that was not the feeling I got. But I did feel that once you are there she will give you tours and advice on where to stay and what to do. I was disappointed as I was hoping she would welcome you as I would. And speaking of that, if you ever need to come back to Nevada County and your place is not available, please know that you all have a home here. We can all fit in here for as long as you need a place. And I do know that when you get to Sydney and contact Eleanor that she will be great to know for you.

    Keep enjoying your trip and keep up with the updates. I miss you and send you all lots of love. Sharon

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