Jump Down, Turn Around…

Did you know that cotton is grown in the Arizona desert? And in an RV going to Florida?

While driving to see the Painted Rocks we drove past a field of harvested cotton and we got out to have a look…

We had never seen cotton growing and we picked a few bolls that remained on the plants. Keegan located the seed within a boll and named it “Seedy” (it will be named “Cotton” if/when it sprouts). Seedy is now planted in a yogurt container in Arizona soil and is traveling with us…I’ll keep you posted if little Seedy grows into his seedling name. Keegan keeps him in his cup holder while we’re driving and takes him out to show him the scenery. A boy and his cotton seed…it’s a beautiful thing.

Life lesson: Even after you think that all the value is gone out of something, there is always more value left behind. Lots of cotton left on those plants…


About Ayurvedic Approach

We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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One Response to Jump Down, Turn Around…

  1. Kathy Quick says:

    Seeing the cotton brought back fond memories of the first trip from San Luis Obispo to Fresno State to see you with Sandy, is the first time I saw cotton fields on route 46. We stopped to and picked some, but no plants ;-)!! It is good to see the lack of snow, thanks for sharing.

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