Painted Rocks

On our drive away from Quartzsite we headed to our first petroglyph-spotting site at Painted Rocks Park. This is at the end of Painted Rocks Road and is a site managed by the BLM. If not for Painted Rocks Park, we might never had discovered Seedy and his buddies in the cotton field… see previous post…

Once we arrived at the park, I check out the mound of rocks and the signage.


We headed off and I was excited to see my first glimpse of an ancient petroglyph made by the Hohokam people in the 1400’s.

We slowly made our way around the mound and gradually saw more and more glyphs…


And then we were glutted with more glyphs that one could imagine. I got the feeling that this was similar to a day care site where the primary activity was writing on the rocks. I envisioned the parents around campfires nearby while the kids filled in every space available with Hohokam graffiti.

It seems the later residents took their turns with the glyphs as well.

I am glad these sites are preserved.

Life lesson: Be very careful what you create in written or picture form. It may last a long, long time.


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We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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