Now, donuts are not a part of a typical (or even non-typical) Ayurvedic diet; they are also not standard fare for us, but once in awhile…

Mom & Pop Donut Shop appeared on our radar about 5 days ago in Tucson. A sign hung in the door, “ALL GONE”. This let us know that these donuts must be better than average. The slogan painted on the window announces “Donuts made the old fashioned way…from scratch!” We decided to come back the next day and sample these amazing, disappearing donuts.

Well, the next day was no better. ALL GONE. At 10AM! The neighbor told us that yes, they opened at 6am and closed when the donuts were sold out. And they were usually gone by 9:30. Now we were committed.

This morning, before leaving Tucson, we made a beeline for the donut shop and got there at 7:30. About half of her inventory was gone, but we got ours.

And they really were that good. Best we ever had. So, if you’re ever in Tucson and hankering for a great donut…check out the corner of Wrightsman and Pantana.

Life lesson: When indulging, hold out for the very best. It’s worth it!



About Ayurvedic Approach

We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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One Response to Mmmmmmm….Donuts

  1. Molly Dockery says:

    Yeay for fresh donuts!! I am loving the blog! Thanks so much for keeping us updated!!

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