Tombstone Territory

As we drove south out of Tucson, we came to Tombstone, AZ, home of the famous (infamous?) gunfight at the OK Corral where Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and friends gunned down the Clanton and McLaury brothers. Later, they were killed in retribution for this. My overall assessment is that a whole lot of killing went on in Tombstone. People were killed for every little thing. One man was shot because his assailant didn’t like the color of his shirt! Seem like it was a grisly time to be alive. I wonder how different Nevada City was.

In its heyday, Tombstone had 12,000 residents. 3000 of them were prostitutes (licensed). There were over 100 bars in town, an opera house and a church. Silver was bringing in 30cents per ounce and the miners were making about $3 per day. During our trolley tour, we found out many facts about the town and its times. Many corners were immortalized because of the murders that were committed there. One corner was host to 76 separate shootings. I guess a bar on every corner can be a problem.

Well, no trip to Tombstone is complete without pictures of…wait for it…tombstones. Here are a few from “Boot Hill” graveyard…

The gravesite of the victims of the gunfight at the OK Corral.

I’m not sure the humorous epitaph made up to him for wrongful death.

I have a feeling they had a contest for the cleverest epitaph writer in town. He got all the good jobs.

Sandy has probably seen this, but I had to get a pic! No news on cause of death or even the gender of the deceased.

That’s it. I have lots more pics, but they’re pretty much more of the same. Reading through the tour info on causes of death makes me very glad to live in this century!

Life lesson: Don’t cheat at cards when playing a game with an armed man who doesn’t like the color of your shirt. Ever. Just don’t do it.


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One Response to Tombstone Territory

  1. Sandy says:

    Mary – I love all the pictures and fun details of your trip! Can’t wait to try the donuts, yummm, though it was a bit disconcerting to see my (maiden) name on a grave marker. Still trying to figure out where/if we can meet you somewhere (warm) along the way for a girls weekend!

    Love you all and keep the posts coming, we fee like we are learning life’s lessons along with you!

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