Corpus Christi Water Feature

On our first day here, when we got soaked by a cloudburst, Keegan found a fountain that is probably very crowded on warm days. It is in a public area near the convention center and is a lovely fountain that is interactive. I thought that the jets were motion sensitive until one of them soaked my pant leg. We told Keegan that the sun was supposed to be out on Monday and we could re-visit the fountain dressed appropriately. Well, the sun never fully made it out, but as it is our last day in Corpus Christi, we headed downtown. Here are a few shots of Keegan enjoying the fountain…

At first he surveys the fountains…

More boldly, he races through the jets. Note MB in the background in jeans and sweater; today never fulfilled its promise of sunshine and warmth.

Now fully soaked, we stayed until Keegan had his fill of splashing in the fountains. The shots of him karate-chopping the jets and threatening them Three-Stooges-style didn’t really come out, so you’ll just have to imagine those.

Life lesson: Whether the weather is better or not, you won’t know if it’s fun unless you give it a shot.


About Ayurvedic Approach

We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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