Galveston, oh Galveston

Galveston brought up so much joy (ode to warmth) and so much sadness (a town that was recently devastated by Hurricane Ike and is still recovering). One touching thing, of which I have NO pictures, was the artistic treatment of the fallen trees. After the hurricane many of the deciduous trees died from overexposure to salt water. An estimated 40,000 trees were lost and some received a second life as sculptures hewn by chainsaws. Check out if you want to see better pics than I could deliver.

The following are pics I do have…

This was completely Keegan’s idea. He loved the idea of holding the hand of this huge statue. The following is his idea as well. He liked the idea of punching this statue in the nuts even more.

This is another unique sundial. Keegan was really into it. (hahaha I crack me up)

The sun wasn’t out, so I have no idea what time this picture was taken.

Keegan just barely escaped being eaten by a Great White Shark.

We stayed in Galveston only two days and the second day rained like crazy, so we didn’t get out much. It was sad to see all that they had lost and were still rebuilding. Homes and businesses were destroyed that may never come back. We were there too early to experience their Mardi Gras celebration, but they were getting ready.

Life lesson: Stuff happens. Sometimes the best you can do is pick up the pieces and carry on.


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We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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2 Responses to Galveston, oh Galveston

  1. Sharon Miller says:

    Oh no, Keegan in the shark’s mouth. Phew, just realized it wasn’t a real shark! And great poses with the statue, Keegan. The website of the dead tree sculptures were amazing. You could add the tree sculpture from the entry to your house. I’m always smiling from your trip updates. Thanks so much for doing that. Lesson learned: It really is a blessing to have met such lovely people as you are. You may be getting further away but I feel closer and closer. xoxoxo Sharon

  2. Wayne says:

    As I recall, Galveston was recovering from a hurricane when I was there in 1989.
    Life’s lesson: If you build you house next to a volcano, you may end up with lava in your living room

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