Houston Children’s Museum

I had this idealistic view when I left home that I would take Keegan to Children’s Museums in all the fine cities across the US and we would play and have these amazing experiences. Well, FINALLY, after being in several cities that HAVE children’s museums, we went to one. It was great and Keegan had a fantastic time, even though our time was cut short. You see, we were in Houston on a Thursday afternoon, and Thursday from 5-8pm is FREE admission at the Houston Children’s Museum. So, from 3:30 until 5:00 we had plenty of space and time to explore the museum. At 5:01 a wave of museum goers came in and we found ourselves jockeying for position at the tables and exhibits. We lasted until about 6:15 and then called it quits. Keegan said it was the greatest day of his life, the best place he had EVER been…at least in recent memory. (Legoland was RAINED OUT, remember?)(Six Flags and the Galveston indoor water park were CLOSED)

We will get to another children’s museum or two. We’ll see how they measure up.

Here are some pics of the children’s museum experience…

Keegan was hoisting himself up. It was freezing outside. I see this picture and I think a better mom would have had him wear socks.

KT and MB building a structure. Keegan really liked that the reflective tape in the vest glowed from the flash in this picture.

An experiment in friction using plastic plates and golf balls.

One thing that struck me at the museum is how much fun kids have playing with stuff that is easily accessible. Sure, we don’t have pulleys and ropes and all that right at hand, but he spent a good deal of time in a room making something out of paper cups, plastic spoons, straws and tape. I read that this was an exceptional children’s museum. I have not been in too many children’s museums. By the end of this trip I hope to be an expert in Children’s Museums or, at least, to have been to one or two more. Keegan loves and needs the hands on stuff. He is not a sit and look at it kind of kid. I like that and I hope to nurture it every chance I get.

Life lesson: Science is all around us. Everywhere. Every minute. The World is my Discovery Museum!


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3 Responses to Houston Children’s Museum

  1. Sharon Miller says:

    Keegan saying it was the greatest day of his life. What more could anyone ask for.
    xoxoxo Sharon

  2. Sharon Miller says:

    If you are still in Houston, are you going to the NASA SPACE CENTER? I have a friend there who is an astronaut, he fixed the Hubble telescope last year and has been up in space 3 or 4 times. I don’t know if he could get you into anything more special than what is available to the public, but if you are interested, I would certainly be happy to try to contact him and find out. To me, just going to the Space Center that the public can go to must be amazing. xoxoxo Sharon
    If you go to:
    you can see a video of him when he was in space being interviewed by the Chicago Tribune last year.

  3. Sandy says:

    What Sharon said. Keegan won’t remember no socks, he’ll remember a great day. Just this weekend Sally Ride had an article in the paper about bringing Science into our kids lives! It is indeed everywhere. We just have to notice! good for you!

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