New Orleans Street People

After waiting close to an hour for the streetcar, we abandoned our plans to visit the Audobon Zoo (I know, I know…I DO regret it). We headed downtown to see the street performers and soak up some good old New Orleans Vibe. Michael loaded up with dollar bills so we could show our appreciation for the good people of the street. We sat and listened to a jazz band that had a cute young couple dancing to their music. They also got the crowd involved (not us, heavens no) to come up and dance the Charleston. Keegan wants to take tap lessons now. He dances the Charleston (badly) and the soft shoe, too. This is my best pic of that group.

Here you see the tap dancer to the left and the cute young couple of jazzy dancers to the right. The whole group formed a “jazz club”. CDs were sold (and purchased) to which we sing and dance (badly) but whole-heartedly.

Further down the street we found Keegan’s favorite act…a juggler! He seemed to be on a three trick loop and we watched him cycle through that a few times. Keegan got to throw him a club. The crowd went wild!

This guy (below) was one of my favorites. I love a good one-man-band and although he was part of a larger group I thought his instrument was stunning. I think I own most of these things and could put this instrument together. This group also had a dancer. They all looked like they had come out of the hill country to play in New Orleans that day. No CDs to be had. I woulda bought one.

He’s also got that waxed mustache thing going on. It’s a look that never goes out of style.



New Orleans is famous for its human statues and we saw a few. This guy likes to include kids in his act. He startled Keegan by moving while he was checking him out. He was convinced that he was not a person. He screamed as if he was afraid of Keegan and Keegan ran so fast away from him I didn’t have time for a picture. He then brought Keegan in to stand still with him for a few minutes. That may be the longest I’ve seen Keegan still during his waking hours.


I appear to have lost the picture of Michael’s favorite guy, a puppet master who had his puppets sing and dance to classic blues. So, I’ll end with the greatest balloon creation we could have gotten. I know Jerry will like it!



We enjoyed a lunch of Cajun Red Beans & Rice and went on a hunt for the perfect beignet. Couldn’t find the beignet, but oh those pralines! We were worn out from walking but had a great day in New Orleans.

Life lesson: Some places are meant for having fun, like New Orleans. All you have to do is show up and appreciate it. As I write this, I realize that most places are like this. I think the important part is the showing up. Appreciation just seems to flow naturally from there.


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4 Responses to New Orleans Street People

  1. jerry thompson says:

    Nice Alien… New Orleans is one of Anne & my favorite places… we have had a lot of fun there … twice!

    • Anne says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself! If you are looking for more history, last time we were there, we went on a plantation tour. Fascinating.

  2. Sharon Miller says:

    Oh, oh, oh, oh…..don’t leave New Orleans…I’m getting on a plane right now to join you,
    (well, at least mentally getting on a plane), what fun you are having and you made me realize that my today’s life lesson is that I’ve got to get out of the house and have some fun. Too bad New Orleans is so far away. Oh wait, I can have fun here, I’ll just have to figure out how. Oh wait, I just figured it out – I’m having fun vicariously through you. Oh, oh, oh, oh….I just adore that photo of Keegan and the human statue. I’m smiling and it isn’t even 7 in the morning. Thank you so very much. Love, Sharon

  3. Dudley says:

    The perfect biegnet is at Cafe Dumond on Decatur St….. sorry you missed it!

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