Putt Putt Golf at the KOA

Well, this blog is way out of order. The KOA campground (Kampground) was in Baton Rouge. This is a big city with very few camping options. This was our first foray into the RV park world and it was satisfying in a way.

There was a hot tub. I soaked until my fingers wrinkled.

There was a clean shower with a space heater in the bathroom.

There was a playground.

There was a “putt putt” golf course. And we got COMPED a free round!


Naval squirrels love Putt Putt golf.

Keegan takes his “putt putt’s” very seriously.

I don’t take my game so seriously. That is my chai cup in my hand. And my hair looks like that because of the hot tub. That I sat in for a long, long time. I am trying to make it through the entire trip without a haircut because I only trust Prachetas with my hair. (He’s my stylist) (Who probably is cringing if he sees this pic)

Even Michael got into the game to show us how it’s done.


Life lesson: it is fun to see and experience how the other people live. KOA may not be for us all the time, but it was a fun place to stay for a night. They thought we were kooks. Go figure.


About Ayurvedic Approach

We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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2 Responses to Putt Putt Golf at the KOA

  1. jerry thompson says:

    They thought you were kooks? well….. you are from California

  2. Sharon Miller says:

    If I ever get out of Grass Valley, I’ve got to make sure to go to Mr. Ken’s Putt Putt Course. Looks like so much fun. And the squirrels painted on the sign are adorable. Who needs Paris? (oh wait, I do!)

    Happy Valentine’s Day.


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