Puerto Rico

Now this blog jumps ahead a few weeks from my last one. I want to keep all of you in the loop and let you know how we came to be in Puerto Rico. We got sick and tired of being too dang cold and sought out the cheapest flight we could find to warmer climates. We were drawn by mental images of blue skies, white waves and warm sand. As you may already realize, once the weather gods heard we had booked passage out of town, Fort Lauderdale temperatures hit a comfortable 82 with warm Atlantic Ocean waves lapping on the shores. We didn’t realize that the flight would be the last affordable thing we would experience here in the island paradise. We have found a rental on the beach (literally…it is built on sand) and the ocean is just down the stairs. Here is a sunset shot from our deck…that was taken standing at the top of the stairs.


I did something fancy with the placement of that picture. The shadow effect is new…not sure I like it…hmm…don’t know how to change it, so it’ll stand for now.

The waves here are HUGE and the ocean is WARM! WARM! (for all those folks in Santa Cruz area). We are spending hours in the surf each day. He is learning to boogie board and I am mostly getting knocked around. I dive under the waves and hope that I don’t get carried out to sea. When I swim I can only imagine that this is what it was like swimming in Santa Cruz when I was kid. If I think of how tall the waves would have been to my child height…these waves can reach 5 to 6 feet high and it is more than a little daunting to me. As I watch Keegan playing in the waves I am constantly confronted by the same thought, “How in the world did Mom & Dad let us go out so far without being right there?” I’ve done some unintentional neti (nasal irrigation) and had my swim suit fill with pebbles a few time. I am now considering these “body jewelry”.

The owner has loaned us a boogie board and Keegan is having a blast. Here are some pics of his boogie boarding escapades.

The lesson…Michael explains the finer points of boogie boarding to Keegan…

The approach…

The ride…

The return… to do it all over again.

Storms on the horizon today…

Michael took this picture and we are pretty sure this is the storm that is hovering over the Dolphin in its Tampa home.

We have packed up the Dolphin and are now traveling with only the packs on our backs. If you thought we were minimalists before, you’ll have to come up with a whole new word.

Life lesson: Look before you leap. Look especially at your finances.


About Ayurvedic Approach

We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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5 Responses to Puerto Rico

  1. Sandy says:

    Sometimes when you leap before you look you end up with some amazing, if unexpected results. I’m guessing this is just part of the amazing adventure of life, the universe and everything!

  2. sandymac59 says:

    Keegen looks like he is having a blast, despite the lack of LegoLand. Love and miss you all but love hearing about your adventures and life lessons!

  3. sandymac59 says:

    sorry – spelled BG’s name wrong …:(See, you have been gone too long!

  4. Sandy says:

    More, more, we want more!

  5. Kristin says:

    Hi you all, we hope you all are having a great time!!! God Bless you…….

    Sallie, Ed, Kristin

    Ed wants to talk to you, how can he get a hold of you.

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