Cinco de Playa

Puerto Rico, being an island, has many, many beautiful beaches. Spanish lesson for the day: beach = playa (like a pair of pliers, but only one…) This day it was our quest to explore five beaches. A downpour in the afternoon cut our journey short (though we still swam in the pouring rain), but I do have some lovely pics of most of the beaches we’ve visited.

Numero UNO: First our “home” beach… This is still the roughest, craziest beach we’ve visited. Swimming here is a great aerobic exercise and a spiritual experience as I was calling out to God several times when I saw the size of the waves that were coming in.

Numero DOS “log beach” (check out pic #2) was a calm beach. To me, that is a major disappointment. For all my complaining about “home beach” I do like a little wave action. This beach was situated at a public park/campground and there was no one there. It looked like no one had been there for a long, long time. This is winter, I know, but the state of the bathrooms took years to deteriorate to that level. I apologize for not having a pic of the bathroom…I did consider it.

Hence the name, “log beach”…we had left the boogie board at home and the log was the flotation device of the hour.

Numero TRES: (playa absentia) The next beach, I am sorry to say, lacks a picture. We stopped up the road a bit and found a rocky beach. This beach was not good for swimming, so Michael & I said it didn’t qualify. Once it started raining, we revised the beach count. This spot had an awesome “blowhole” that shot water up when the waves hit just right. We stayed there for maybe 15 minutes and then moved on.

Numero QUATRO: Playa Mas Fina This beach won the award for Best Beach of the Day! The beach was sandy all the way out beyond the waves breaking. The waves were active, but not too active. Big fun! In the second picture, they were looking at me only a second before and then…I think it was a pelican diving into the water…Michael says humpback whale or maybe a shark fin…either way, that’s my guys having fun at the best beach of the day.

Numero CINCO: Playa de la lluvia (Rainy Beach) This is when the rain set in. It is pouring in the pic below. You can just make out Keegan’s head. (We stayed mostly underwater) Michael has been cropped out of the picture due to unflattering camera angles. I only took two pictures at this beach. It was raining so hard I was afraid the camera would get wet. The water was warm and wonderful; there was no lightning and we entertained the folks in the bar on the shore for the duration.

So that was our day touring the beaches in Western Puerto Rico. This last pic was taken at a beach where we didn’t swim; we really only stepped out of the car, but I thought the shot was well framed and I felt like a real photographer jumping out of the car to take a picture.

Life lesson: Set a goal for yourself and at the end of the day, you just may be able to make your day meet the goal.



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We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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2 Responses to Cinco de Playa

  1. Sandy says:

    Yeah! Mary, I just love reading your posts and hearing about the wonderful adventure you are experiencing together. Thank you!

  2. Sharon Miller says:

    Looking at Michael and Keegan in the warm water and realizing that we are about to get a foot of snow on Thursday and another 5 inches on Friday makes me want to get on a plane and join in on your fun. I love those canon shots and Keegan with the board in the water. Your photos are phabulous. Please know that if you are missing the cold weather you can hop on a plane and be here by Thursday morning and freeze your little tootsies off. However, I suspect you are not going to do that. Miss you all and love every photo and every description. Your entries are so very much appreciated. This is the first time ever that someone I know has gone on a vacation and I actually get a fabulous feeling of what they are experiencing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Life’s lesson: Sometimes you do things for others and you don’t realize how very much that effort is appreciated. That would be what you are doing for us who you have left behind! I send lots of love. Sharon

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