Everybody Loves Aliens


This post is mostly for Jerry who is one of my biggest blog fans.  We drove past this place in Galveston and had to turn around to get pictures because it had to go in the blog.  They are out there… (Queue the X files music here…) ( I know, I know, enough with the ellipsis!)

This was someone’s house. It probably withstands hurricanes, or at the very least frightens them over to the neighbors.

Life lesson:  Live like you want to live.  Decorate with your passion.  (or maybe, leave your Halloween decorations up all year)(Did you spot all three aliens?)


About Ayurvedic Approach

We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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4 Responses to Everybody Loves Aliens

  1. Jeryy says:

    Totally cool, Michael, can you build me one when you get back?

  2. jerry thompson says:

    Totally cool… Michael, you will have to build me one like this when you come back to california…

  3. Anne says:

    can we work it around the solar panels?

  4. Sandy says:

    That is hysterical! This is what I love about road trips!

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