National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola Florida

So, all Navy supporters can cringe that I referred to this as an Air Force Museum in the last post! It is a NAVAL Aviation museum, and had flying machines old and new. This was another place where the boys were in heaven, oohing and ahhing over engines and flying machines while I’m checking out the uniforms and wondering about how comfortable (or uncomfortable) the seats in those tiny cockpits must have been. Michael was able to share his knowledge and experience and Keegan was a rapt audience for most of the time.

This first shot is of the entry. I do not have the patience to wait for the hall to clear out nor do I have the nerve to ask people to get out of my way. I did like this early plane, though.

Michael and Keegan were enthralled by both the models and full sized versions on display.

And this was for me…”Ooooooh, shiny. Pretty lights.”

Life lesson: …hmmmm…well, I don’t like these type of museums very much, but I did find something to keep me interested. So, I guess my lesson is to keep looking until you find what interests you. It’s there, you may have to dig, but you’ll find it right where you are. For me, it was the diorama of the camp during WW1 complete with fox hole and g-rations. Sorry, again, no picture. I’ve gotta work on that!


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