Crab Catcher

No, this post is not about the sandwich at the Crow’s Nest in Capitola (sadly, they have removed it from the menu). This is about the real deal. Catching crabs. Matching wits between man (and boy) and crustacean.

First the set up…This is a crab hole.

This particular species of crab climbs up onto the sand and starts digging. The fresh sand outside is the sign that a crab has moved in and is renovating the hole.

Here is the crab busily tossing out the old sand to make his home nice and comfy. He is unaware that he is being watched (and stalked) from above.

Keegan has been coached by his dad on the fine art of catching crabs with a piece of bacon on a string tied to a stick. (Shellfish must love bacon because this is the same trick used for catching crawdads in drainage ditches.) They tied the bacon to a piece of string about 18 inches long and Keegan set the trap…In this picture he has placed the bacon near the hole and laid the string out in the sand. Here he is burying the stick.

The crab takes the bait…


The proud crab catcher signals his success…

In reality, the crab got the bacon and Keegan got a stick, a string and about 30 minutes of entertainment.


Life lesson: When you think about it, most of our experiences are catch and release.


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4 Responses to Crab Catcher

  1. jerry says:

    Michael taught us the bacon trick and we had a crawdad “etoufe” for four… no catch and release here…

  2. Wayne says:

    crabs must be more clever than crawdads. I don’t remember the crawdads getting away with any bacon

  3. Sharon Miller says:

    You could catch me with bacon, anytime. Maybe that’s why I’m so crabby. (argh!)

    A huge oak crashed through roof of garage and office. Joe the Crane Guy will be here at 8:30 with a climber to remove the tree and then the roofer comes to do a temporary repair to roof and gutters where water is leaking into my ceilings. Life’s Lesson: When a tree man from 4 years ago said that the tree should be cut down and I thought he was trying to make a quick buck, I should have listened to him.

    If you are going to be crabby, it should be with a stick and some bacon, not with an attitude.

  4. Sandy says:

    I hear Crow’s Nest will still make it for us if we ask nice! When you come back, we can check it out. Miss you a ton, but love hearing about your adventures!

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