Random Shots and Puerto Rico Musings

Today we say “Adios” to Puerto Rico. My blog is lagging in time, so you’ll be hearing about it for awhile. We are headed to Florida for a week. Who knows what adventures are waiting for us there?

This town, Yauco, Puerto Rico struck me as being the antithesis of gated communities with home owner associations. In those places, when you want to paint your house, you have a prescribed set of colors to choose from. Here, I think, you can’t use any color that has already been used by someone else. If your house doesn’t stand out, you’re doing something wrong. We spotted this from the freeway (how could we not? ) and stopped to take a picture (and have a fresh fruit frappe (fancy name for smoothie))

The land here is lush, but we were struck by the lack of gardens. The stores are filled with produce that has been imported, much of it from the US. I was stunned that eggs shipped here from the US sold for $1 less than the eggs that were locally produced. We believe this will change as the price of transport makes it prohibitive to continue to bring food to the island. Michael vowed to take a picture of the first farmer he saw; it took us two weeks to find him, but here he is. Luckily for us a street vendor with some awesome frituras (fried foods) was vending near this spot. We love the local fare! There is something special about street food…simple and tasty, just the right size and spiced with the slightest hint of danger.


Here the farmer is waving at the crazy gringo taking a picture of him while he works. He looks a little bit like Michael, don’t you think?


I saw these lion faces in the fountains in the centro of a small town. I think the lion on the left (or above however it is situated) is angry that his fountain has been turned off. I love the centro, actually any centro. Each small town has a town center that is a park, usually a block wide that houses trees, fountains and benches. It serves as a gathering place for the town and is usually surrounded with businesses such as restaurants, bakeries and drug stores, something you might need when you go downtown. The more modern towns have lost the centro and I think that is sad. These give the town a focal point and a communal gathering spot. Viva la Centro!

Life lesson: Live intentionally. (Yeah, I’m not sure of a connection here, either, but I had to put something. You see, I had set the intention at the start of the blog.)


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We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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2 Responses to Random Shots and Puerto Rico Musings

  1. Sharon Miller says:

    I also thought the farmer was Michael. The lions are fabulous. I am crazy for the colors of the village. It should be required to paint every house in Grass Valley those colors and have more town centros. Once again, your trip, the photos and blogs have made my day.

  2. sandymac59 says:

    Are you sure the farmer wasn’t Michael, just so you could take a picture of “a farmer”? Yeah, that’s right, it’s a farmer. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Ok, so say it was a farmer. What is he growing?

    I agree with Sharon, it would be amazing to see that riot of color! Love it!

    Love you,


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