Close Encounters of the Animal Kind

For those of you hoping to hear the story of Seedy’s growth and development, I hate to tell you that Seedy never sprouted. We think s/he must have been a genetically modified Monsanto seed that was born sterile. This did provide for an object lesson on the evils of GMO foods in general of Monsanto in particular. This lesson took root, here in Puerto Rico he came across a plant that looked like cotton growing wild on the side of the road and he wanted to take those seeds because it would be unlikely that they’d be Monsanto seeds just growing wild like that. We did not take them since from here we travel with only our packs and tending a plant would be hard on the road, but once we’re back in the safety and comfort of the Dolphin, we’ll be growing plants for sure.

Keegan has an affinity for all things living and he has befriended several animals along the way.

These are some dogs that adopted us while we were staying in Aguada. The black dog is Charlie and Keegan named the other one “Trooper”. Trooper became his much-wished-for pet during our stay here and Keegan planned to have him shipped to the US so he could continue the friendship on the mainland. He wants us to return to Puerto Rico at the end of the trip and make this happen. We have told him there are plenty of shelter dogs needing homes in the US and we can check one of those out.

Keegan also befriended some crabs that found their way up the stairs and into the house. I am still unclear on how they did that.

The pressure cooker served as our makeshift crabitat.



The crabs were named Crabby and Hermie. He has since adopted some seaweed (named Weedy) (I trust you are seeing a pattern here in Keegan’s naming choices) and befriended a neighbor’s cat named Mencho (he didn’t name Charlie or Mencho).

Life’s lesson: Make friends wherever you go. Two legs, four legs, no legs? Doesn’t matter. Life is full of friends we haven’t yet met.













About Ayurvedic Approach

We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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One Response to Close Encounters of the Animal Kind

  1. Sharon Miller says:

    Oh, Keegan, you are so wonderful. I let out an, “Oh no!!!” when I read about Seedy’s demise.” I really was rooting for him. And then I laughed so hard because of the photos, the comments and especially the wonderful names of every living thing that you have encountered, although I was worried for a moment when you used pressure cooker and crab in the same sentence. So now I must rest from all of YOUR excitement. Ahhhhh! I AM SMILING BIG TIME!

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