The Atlantis Hotel & Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas

I would really like to tell you about our stay at the Atlantis, but the truth is that we stayed next door at the Sivananda Yoga Retreat. We visited the Atlantis daily because 1) the yoga retreat does not serve coffee and 2) Atlantis has a Starbucks (for Michael) and 3)they had an amazing carrot cake at Starbuck’s (for Mary & Keegan) and 4) sometimes it’s fun to see how the other 4% live. The contrast between the simplicity of the ashram and the ostentatiousness of the Atlantis is really striking.

That is the yoga retreat on the left and the Atlantis lobby on the right. To be fair, the pictures were taken at different times of day. But still, I think you can pick out a few differences.

These are just a few of the touches from the lobby and hallways. Those seahorse lights were something! The ceiling had a number of these mosaics in them. All of them had a maritime theme; this is the Atlantis, after all. Since we had seen the battle at Caesar’s in Vegas, we knew the story of the creation of Atlantis. There is no such statuary battle occurring here, I think it is the only thing missing…a little animatronics is just what the Atlantis needs, but I think the sea air wouldn’t do the “statues” any good.

One thing the Atlantis does have is a world-class aquarium. We went twice and I don’t think we saw the whole thing. And it’s FREE! It was located just off the lobby and here are a few pictures of our visit to the aquarium.

This picture looks like Michael is starting to disappear. Don’t worry, it’s not a “Back to the future” moment. I must have moved; or he must have moved. Either way, his left arm is fine.

I think the aquarium is located directly beneath the restaurant kitchen. They can draw up one of these racks when they need extra lobsters.


Wouldn’t this give you the creeps to see something like this swimming among your pots and pans?

This is evidently how the best dressed members of Atlantean society do it.

I really liked this fountain. We had to cross the line to get this pic…This fountain exists in a region of the Atlantis that is inaccessible to the peasantry, but when it’s late you can sneak over…

And lastly…

Keegan is acting like he is afraid of these puffy creatures. He wanted to be sitting in the box, surrounded by these, but I limited him to holding just two of them.

Life lesson: Take some time to see how the other folks live and then go back home. It was a fun place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.


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