Adventure Tourism Colombia- Horseback Riding

Sorry for the long delay and the dirth of blog entries! The easy excuse is that there is limited internet connection in Central America and then on the cruise the price for internet connection jumped to 65cents per minute (!). The other excuse, not so easy, is that I got swamped with pics and overwhelmed with writing the blogs and so, well, I just stopped. But here I am, back again, and ready to knock out some blogs in the hopes that I will be able to post them when we hit land on Sunday.

When last I wrote, the blog was in Bogota while we were in Cartagena preparing to leave Colombia, but, as promised, I will update you on our adventures in Colombia and beyond. Today’s post…dun, dun, DUN…ADVENTURE TRAVEL and what that meant to US!

In San Gil, Colombia, we went horseback riding, caught a giant bug and visited a National Park. In Cartagena, we did what I consider to be the grossest tourist attraction ever, but, I get ahead of myself…

So, to begin…San Gil horseback riding

Our horses and our guide prepare for the day.

The view from the back is not the most flattering, but fortunately this was probably the only time Michael was in the back. He proved himself to be an able caballero and he and his horse enjoyed running up the hills and waiting for us at the top.

Stopping to trek to the top of a waterfall. We thought we were heading to the bottom of the fall, but that will be another day, I guess.

This is the view from the top of the tallest waterfall in the area. Its name escapes me at the moment. Yes, I should have written the blog closer to the time we took the ride.

Swimming in a pond~ the water was cold and fresh and felt great after the long hot ride and the climb to the waterfall. The horses are watering elsewhere and motorcyclists are racing towards us with our lunch. This is a “typical Colombian lunch” including many meats and grilled plantain and taro root and wrapped in a leaf…

Lunch. This lasted us for three meals.

While we were resting, Keegan caught a big bug.

The big black beetle was a diversion for several minutes. The boy does love his bugs.

This is one last pic from in front of a minor waterfall during our ride. After a few hours “oohing” and sitting on pillows we were ready for the next adventure…The Parque National.


Life lesson: We are much like the horses who walked away and raced back to their home. I expect our trip home to be much shorter than our trip away. There is a longing for the comforts and familiarity of home that even a day at the waterfall can’t compete with.


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We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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One Response to Adventure Tourism Colombia- Horseback Riding

  1. Sharon Miller says:

    It was so wonderful to see your faces, your photos and read of bugs, horses, waterfalls and adventures.

    Don’t forget that if your longing for the comforts and familiarity of home requires your coming back and your home is still rented, (ahem, it is snowing today), that you always have a place to stay here. Lots of rooms, food, cats and laughter. I’ll even dig up a bug or three for Keegan, if required. Mi casa es tu casa, anytime. That would be a fabulous adventure for me. I send lots of love.

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