Getting Up to Date

So, I am trying all kinds of new things to get my blogging back on track. My latest scheme is to blog about today and then go back and talk about something that we did that I haven’t yet blogged about. I am getting quite the backlog of adventures and they aren’t getting written up because of some previous adventure that wasn’t yet written up…so here goes…

We are currently in a GREAT campground in Centreville, Virginia in a county park. We are just 23 miles from Washington, DC and today we are going to the waterpark (yes, WATERPARK!)(slides and all!) that is located within the campground. Because it is early in the season, we are one of only about 20 campers here in a very large park. We are one with the birds and squirrels and the trees, oh the trees! I have often heard people from this part of the world comment on the lack of trees in California and I never understood what they were talking about until now. This place is lousy with trees. Deciduous trees, evergreens, conifers…you name it. They are here and all cozying up to each other. I can now see how Red Riding Hood could’ve gotten lost in the woods.

The weather is hot and humid. That sentence does not do justice to how miserably hot and humid it has been since we touched down in Florida. Yesterday we toured the Smithsonian (part of it) and the walking (and the sweating) were unbelievable. Give me dry heat any day.


We found a great parking space just across from the Washington Monument. For FREEEEEEE. And then we went on foot to find the wonders of the Smithsonian…

Keegan had the whole situation in the palm of his hand. (hahaha, I crack me up.)

At the Air & Space Museum we saw lots of planes and rockets and I didn’t take any pics because we did that at Cape Canaveral, Florida…or was it at the Air Force Museum in Texas? Either way, I have plenty of pics of planes and rockets and space vehicles and all that stuff. (all the right stuff)






Now this was an original. This airplane took second place in the paper airplane contest at the Air & Space Museum.

Air pressure (just air!) is holding this ball up. How does it do it? It’s simple physics, people. (translation: I can’t explain it)

And then on to the Museum of Natural History… dinosaurs and photo ops.


After six hours our brains were full and our legs were tired. I know that they say you need days and days to visit the Smithsonian, but we found that we were on sensory overload after one day. We stepped into the Museum of American History and that looked awesome, too. We will have to visit another time, not today.

Today is waterpark day! It is also the first day in two weeks that is not expected to be in the 90s. Wouldn’t you know it? It is currently overcast and cool. Actually comfortable! Ah well, it will still be fun and Keegan has been looking forward to it for days. It is finally Saturday and the park opens in an hour.

Tonight we drive…possibly as far as Philadelphia to be in NY on Sunday…I’ll keep you posted.


Life lesson: Museums hold things which house memories of our man-made history; these can be overwhelming when looked at as a group. Nature holds our past, present and future and is awe-inspiring when experienced on small or large scale. Nature wins.


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We are a family traveling for ten months across the US and around the world.
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2 Responses to Getting Up to Date

  1. Sandy says:

    Yeah! Happy to read about your adventures in any order! Love the picture of your home in front of Washington Monument! Actually, love them all! Keep em coming when you can. Have fun at waterworld. Love you all!

  2. Sharon Miller says:

    Every day I look and you’re not there. I want to know where you are!!!!!!! Oh wait, there you are! Finally! I’ve missed hearing about your adventures. I do believe that is a halo over Keegan’s head as he holds the paper airplane. TODAY’S LIFE LESSON FOR ME: Patience….they’ll show up eventually. Ahhhhh!

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